Saturday, August 22, 2015

Welcome to The Listening Project Virtual Tour

Please join me for my upcoming Listening Project Virtual Media Tour beginning next week,

August 25-27!

This virtual tour will provide many opportunities for you to read my guest blogs, as well as listen in on my live interview with Robert Sharpe of BITE Radio (Bringing Inspiration to Earth).

Most importantly, I am hoping to hear from all of you. Please let me know of your questions and comments! It would be great if we could share insights and help one another on our listening journeys.

Some Important Information:
The Listening Project:  Lessons of Life, Love, and Listening to God can be purchased at my web-site for $13.99 plus handling & shipping or at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookbaby eBook Bookshop listed below.

Blog Tour Schedule:

August 25- Guest blog: The Importance of Questions, Spiritual Media Blog

August 26-4-5pm EST—Live interview with Robert Sharpe of BITE radio (Bringing Inspiration to Earth)

August 27- SDI guest blog

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