Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Beginning. . .

Hello to all of you out there in cyberspace and welcome to My Listening Project blog—a place to contemplate, explore, and share thoughts about the many aspects of listening, particularly as it relates to how each and every one of us is capable of tuning into the inner voice within—the one that speaks from the stillness of the heart.  

Im hoping in the coming months and years for all of us to get to know one another a lot better.  As a person who is of the “old school” tradition of face to face interactions, this blogging is new stuff for me.  I think Im going to really like it!

Until recently, most of my career was spent as a facilitator having workplace conversations with groups of co-workers throughout the United States.  The reason I loved my job so much was that I not only got to meet new people from all walks of life who fascinated and taught me through their interesting experiences and stories, but that I was also able to continue many of those relationships throughout the years.

As Helen Keller is quoted as saying, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  I really do think we can learn a lot from one another.  The act of listening is one of those things that has a tendency to unite rather than divide, for who among us has not longed to have a listener in our lives—particularly one that comes from a Divine Source. 
We may have different perspectives on what “God” looks like but if viewed from a spiritual, rather than religious context, we can recognize that there are many paths to the One God, with each of us having a direct line to that Universal Source.  So the truth is, Im really excited about our newly developing relationship, for now these conversations potentially include folks from around the globe!

Over the past few years Ive personally learned a lot about how I can become a better listener in my relationship with God.  I now realize this is a journey which really never ends, at least until its my time to cross over to the Other Side.
In my experience, this listening journey takes both head and heart working together.  Yes, it takes practiced skills to become a better listener, with God or anyone else, but it also takes a mighty, big, and open heart.  To be honest, the heart work is a lot more challenging for me at times.

                    Making a pizza in Italy.  I swear I meant for it to be round.  
                                     Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something!

Over the past few years, as I have become more present to the whole act of listening, I discovered the many ways God sends me guidance and why, when, and how I block that guidance.  Very importantly, I realize the value of a “toolkit” to help me survive the difficult times, particularly when I long to hear or feel something sacred, and all I feel is silence
I also observed that the better listener I am with God, the better listener I am with others.  Most of all I realize that if I want to hear God, I should be still and look around.  Divine guidance is at my fingertips and endless, if I dont limit my possibilities.  As a result of these insights, my awareness is sharper regarding the many ways God calls me to pay attention—whether to people, animals, or nature—but I still have a lot to learn.
So please come back to My Listening Project blog again!  I hope that you will not only be able to relate to some of my stories, thoughts, and available resources about listening to the Divine voice within, but also that this blog will help you to explore your own internal listening journey, one that works especially for you, for that is what truly matters most. 

Christine C. Williams

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